What are your rates?

Premium Gated Sites Monthly – Starting at $1100/monthly – Including Electric / Water / Sewer Standard Sites Monthly – $850/monthly – Including Electric / Water / Sewer Weekly – $250/weekly – Including Electric / Water / Sewer

Refund Policy?

We understand situations occur and you may need to cancel. Please find below our strict cancellation policy.. 1. 30% Fee of your total reservation upon cancellation of any reservation, no exception. 2. 100% Fee (No refund) if you check in and need to check out immediately for any reason.

Can I reserve a site without parking my camper?

Yes, we do offer the ability to lock your site in. We understand that because we are the only RV Park in Dallas offering such privacy and seclusion that there are people who may want to reserve the site for a (1) year or multiple months at a time. We are happy to accommodate these… Continue reading Can I reserve a site without parking my camper?

Do you accept cash or checks?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or checks.